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What is my house’s actual market value? How much should my house be worth? How can I draw in eligible customers? How can I get the most for my house by making the most of its potential? What should I do next? If I sell my house soon, am I ready to move? A specialist from Simms Real Estate Group at Highlight Realty can assist you in overcoming every challenge associated with selling your house. Having the proper Realtor on your side might mean the difference between a stress-free and easy sales process. The experts at Highlight Realty’s Simms Real Estate Group genuinely care about assisting customers in securing the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress.


Setting a Price for Your House

Your Simms Real Estate Group at Highlight Realty agent will prepare your home by looking into recent sales and activity in the neighborhood to establish a fair and favorable list price. If you overprice your house, it can remain on the market for a very long time. Potential buyers typically have an unfavorable opinion of properties that are on the market for more than a year. Alternatively, if you list your house too cheaply, you will receive less money as the seller. Our professionals employ calculated strategies to determine a fair asking price for your house, ensuring a speedy and successful sale.

Getting your house ready

Before putting your home on the market, your Simms Real Estate Group at Highlight will provide easy tips to make your home cozier, like fixing obvious problems, decluttering and depersonalizing every space, brightening living areas, and arranging the property for the best possible impression. After that, a qualified photographer will be assigned by your agency to capture high-quality images and videos of the house. Our experts advise bringing in an inspector ahead of time as a preventative measure before listing your house. Sincere and pro-active buyers value and respect these traits.
GETTING YOUR HOUSE READY​ Jupiter Florida Real Estate For Sale
Promoting Your House

Promoting Your House

Simms Real Estate Group at Highlight Realty offers the exceptional capacity to present your house on a worldwide scale using cutting-edge marketing techniques. Simms Real Estate Group at Highlight Realty’s highly ranked, fully optimized website attracts more potential buyers who are able to visually tour your house. Over 95% of buyers start their home search online. This massive reach goes far beyond the local area, frequently drawing in consumers from outside the state and frequently even outside the country. The SEO team and tech-savvy professionals at Simms Real Estate Group at Highlight Realty craft a unique social media and digital marketing strategy only for your property.

Displaying Your House

Upon initiating the marketing strategy and publishing your house on Multiple Listing Services (MLS), your real estate representative will contact you to arrange viewings for prospective purchasers. Given that they have to maintain their home tidy and clutter-free, it seems sense that the sellers are going through a difficult moment. It is crucial—though challenging—that sellers present their house in the best possible light. The little things, like scheduling your pets’ visits, delaying the water irrigation timers, and turning on and off the lights after each showing, are all handled by your agent. Again, you may reduce a lot of your worry during this risky procedure by hiring a Simms Real Estate Group at Highlight Realty agent to sell your house.

How to Negotiate a Sale of Your House

Your agent will go over the contract with you when a buyer submits a first offer on your house and offer advice on whether to accept, reject, or counter the offer. You will be happy to have a professional from Highlight Realty’s Simms Real Estate Group bargaining tenaciously on your behalf during this period. Our agents have received specialized training to enable them to effectively provide the sellers with a favorable contract.
SEAL THE DEAL Jupiter Florida Real Estate For Sale

Seal the Deal

You will have the chance to do a final walkthrough of the house before the closing date to ensure that it is tidy and unoccupied. At this point, the home should have undergone any necessary repairs as outlined in the contract, and it should be in better shape than when you first signed the sales agreement. Your real estate agent will meet you and your lawyer at the mortgage lender’s office or the attorney’s office on the day of closing. Closing expenses, legal fees, property adjustments, and transfer taxes will all be covered by the settlement. The deed formally passes from the seller to you, the buyer, at this moment.